UfM Women4Mediterranean Conference 2018

Lisbon, Portugal. 9-11 October 2018

The high level UfM Women4Mediterranean conferences constitute the major regional platform to discuss, exchange experiences and promote women’s participation in the public, economic and civil life for bringing solutions to regional challenges. They create impact by gathering the most relevant stakeholders and leaders from the Euro-Mediterranean region - governments, parliaments, private sector, international organizations, academia, media, civil society, young women and men - to strengthen regional cooperation and identify best ways to drive positive change toward gender equality and women’s empowerment. The conferences focus on women’s roles as change makers and leaders in the region, and explore how women and men can overcome cultural and social barriers for driving forward the Euro-Mediterranean action agenda for women’s empowerment and the achievement of the SDGs. For almost 5years, the conferences have been a catalyst for policy advocacy, regional initiatives and projects, new ideas, collaborations and partnerships.
The 2018 edition of Women4Mediterranean comes at a time when the 43 UfM countries adopted a strong Declaration with an ambitious action plan where UfM Ministers committed to take the necessary and relevant measures and create policies to promote the equality between women and men, in rights and opportunities, in all spheres of society: political, economic and civil life. It will constitute the first opportunity to take stock, almost a year after the ministerial meeting, of progress achieved. The choice of Portugal as a location of the 2018 conference – a country that continues to promote gender equality – sends a positive message that investing in girls and women is fundamental and key for progress for all.
The Conference takes place at the Champalimaud Foundation’s Centre for the Unknown, a unique landmark facing the river Tejo in the city of Lisbon, Portugal.
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